Welcome to the District 196 Inventor's Fair Resource Page!

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The purpose of this page is to give you access to the information you need to participate and succeed in the Inventors Fair. If you need some information look below. If you lost a form or forgot a date look for that section.
Inventors Fair Introduction (If you are having trouble viewing these open the pdf version InventorsFair2010.pdf)

Part 1 Inventors Fair1.mht
Part 2 Inventors Fair2.mht
Part 3 Inventors Fair3.mht
Part 4 InventorsFair4.mht
Part 5 Inventors Fair5.mht

Inventors Fair Information & Forms

General Inventors Fair Information I.F. Info11-12.pdf
Inventors Fair Rules IF Rules 11-12.pdf
Inventors Fair Schedule IF Schedule 11-12.pdf
Inventors Fair Registration Form IF registration 11-12.pdf (Due Dec. 9th to your GT teacher)
Inventors Fair Volunteer Form IF Volunteer 11-12.pdf

Invention Process Help

Steps to Inventing Checklist Time to Get serious.pdf

Step 1 -Identify a problem.

Start and Invention log Log Book 12.pdf
Time to get ideas: 24-hour observation.pdf Family Hobby list.pdf Places and spaces in my life.pdf The Interview.pdf

Step 2 -Solve the problem.

Choose your best idea!

Step 3 -Plan Your Invention. Research originality of idea.

Check on Google Patent search http://www.google.com/patents?hl=en
What materials will you need?

Step 4 -Modify Idea.

Modify your idea to better solve the problem, add more features, or make it better than a previous similar idea based on your answers to the research.

Step 5 -Make Invention.

Sketch your idea including measurements. Drawing_example.gif
Make a model of idea and/or working prototype.

Step 6 - Research again.

Try it out. Test it. does it do what you wanted. Get others opinions! Record your results. Take pictures!

Step 7 -Make final modifications.

Adjust your invention based on your tests or responses.

Step 8 -Name your Invention

Make it catchy!

Step 9 -Plan your Display board and presentation.

Plan guide- Displayboard.pdf
Board Samples- Inventors Fair Board Samples.mht Inventors Fair Board Samples.pdf
Judges scoring sheet -
District Judge Rubric11.doc District Judge Rubric11.pdf

Step 10 - Practice!

Practice presentation sheet.pdf